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I build fabulous WordPress sites.  I have over three decades of experience in all types of products and services.

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Let me tweak your site to rank well with the search engines. I will also speed up your website.


From a single webpage to an entire website, I can custom code it in hyper text markup language.

h  Graphics

Web graphics, logos, banners, headers, sliders,ads and media covers. We can do any type of graphics.

Video  f

I can create the video you need. Screen capture, Explainer, White board or ads.

o​  Social Media

I can handle any of you social media needs, from graphics to posting.

First Things First

1. Get a quote

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Before I can begin to help you, you must get a quote and hire me to do your project,  Let me take IT off you plate.

3. I do your job

I have over three decades of experience, with projects of all kinds.  I am positive I can help you.

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  • Posted on August 23, 2016 5:40 am

    You might have heard of a technology called a drip feed site. This means that someone comes to your website and they see some content. They see several blog posts you may have made over the course of the last several days, weeks or months. They come back days later and you have added new content and they don't necessarily know if you've gone in and added that content manually or if it was already going out on a schedule. And what's great about WordPress is that drip content is already built in. All you have to do to drip out content on your WordPress blog is add a new post and change the date that the post comes out.

  • Posted on August 22, 2016 5:02 am

    When I first got started with email marketing, building a list and sending offers to my subscribers, I was always worried about sending the same URL two days in a row. I would think I had to send them to a certain site on Monday, a different site on Tuesday and even a third site on Wednesday. But as we're going to explore today, it's actually a disservice to send different offers. An offer that's right for your subscribers six months ago might be better for them now and it actually does take you seven follow-ups to make a sale. It is very confusing for your subscribers to get sent in one direction on Monday, a different one of Tuesday

  • Posted on August 16, 2016 12:20 am

    When you're trying to make money on the internet, especially from flipping sites or selling virtual real estate, a domain name on its own is not worth very much. And even if your domain name is worth something, it's worth a lot more if it contains content. Because think about it, if you own a very high demand domain name such as a .com name with one or two English words that's very short and has a high search volume, people would want to buy that domain name because it will get them lots of traffic. But that'll be worth even more if you did something with the traffic before they even had access to it. For example, what if

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Ron Dowell

I am a professional, self-directed and highly responsible senior web developer, designer and computer programmer with over 3 decades of experience 
​in the computer industry. 

I create beautiful websites. My main area of expertise is in the development and promotion of web-sites of any type. I can customize Premium WordPress themes , create custom themes from scratch or build custom html sites.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project in detail and determine how my skills will positively contribute to your business.

Ron Dowell


Nothing make me happier than having a finished project and a satisfied customer!
Ron Dowell

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